One house. Three electricity supplies.

I have a friend who is considering moving to Bulb. They have an awkward house though - it’s a single house, but it used to be considered a tenement and had three families living in it up until the 1960s. There are currently three independent electrical meters on the premises - basement, ground floor and first floor. There is only one gas supply for the whole house though. The house currently receives three bills for electricity and one bill for gas. It is solely owned by one family at the moment though.

How would a switch to Bulb work? Could they have one account that shows gas, electric, electric, electric?

I guess they could (in fact, I’m pretty sure Bulb do support this), but they’ll be charged (and probably have been charged by their previous supplier), 4 lots of ‘standing charges’ (the amount you pay per day just for the meter to be sitting there). At just under £90 per year per electricity meter, that’s going to start adding up fast and it might be cheaper for them to get 2 meters removed - if it costs £500 then the work will pay for itself in under 3 years.

I think they are planning to get the electricity supply combined in due course, so I’ll probably advise them to hold off switching until that’s done.

Hi @Alexander, @RichyB is absolutely right (as per :slight_smile: ) we can switch your friend over but we’d have to charge them three lots of standing charge. Also, our website isn’t quite set up to handle three electricity meters at once (we’re working on it) so they’d have to give us the meter reads over the phone or by email, just fyi