One line of numbers

My meter shows one line of numbers. We do have Economy 7. You require one line day time, one line night time. Can’t find a second row of numbers.

@Blubeinred2, meters with only one line of numbers, normally either cycle though the different readings automatically every few seconds (normally with something like R1, R2 and t next to them - Rate 1, Rate 2 and total respectively), or there will be a button you can press to cycle through readings manually.

Presuming it’s a smart meter as otherwise you would have had the same issue with your previous supplier, there’s probably only one button.

As to which of the rates is your daytime and which is the nighttime, probably easiest to check your old supplier’s last bill to find this out (or watch to see which one goes up during the day).

Hi @Blubeinred2 Yep! @mowcius is right, great advice. This article is pretty handy too!