One Off Payment

I made a one off payment to my account thinking that once the payment had been taken that would be it. I find that payments have been taken every month! I think I have finally stopped them now but can you check that they are now permanently stopped until further action by myself.

@martin1931, by signing up to Bulb, you agree to send monthly payments. I don’t believe they offer an invoice based payment agreement at this time.

You can request to have money transferred to your bank account or have your monthly payments reduced if you’ve got a lot of credit in your account, but you cannot simply stop your monthly payments.

On your MyBulb payments page, you should have the payment date and amount listed on the right hand side.

The reason I have a lot of credit is that it seems to be going up every month since I authorised a one off payment of £20. I think all this credit is coming from the one off transaction that is now being taken every month instead of just the once. I realise I can change the amount of my monthly payments and I do not want to stop my monthly payment. I just want someone to check that there is no more money taken as a one off payment or from the one off payment system. I send monthly meter readings so that side of it should be clear.

@martin1931, on your Statements and Payments page you should be able to clarify whether there is an additional payment being taken monthly.

EDIT: Interestingly, for me that page does appear to list my top-up payments as monthly payments, but you should still be able to see whether they are indeed being taken monthly or as a one-off.

How did you do the intial one-off payment? Via MyBulb?

I agree there doesn’t appear to be any top up payments listed. I made a one off payment of £20 via the Change My Payment Details facility and have made a £50 payment recently. I was concerned that my credit was going up all the time which didn’t seem right and that perhaps there may have been a misunderstanding. I made the £50 payment by mistake after I contacted you and I will leave it on my account. I just wanted to make sure that my account was in order. If you can check that it is I would be grateful.
Kind Regards

Hi @martin1931, just to clarify, I don’t work for Bulb.

If your credit is going up all the time though, it may be that your monthly payments are too high.
If your monthly bills are currently lower than your monthly payments, I’d recommend setting them to be the same (you can change your payment amount here). As we’re in the winter now, this is likely to be high as your monthly bills get throughout the year.

Hi @martin1931 - looking at your account I can clarify a few things for you. Your monthly payment amount hasn’t been affected by any one-off-payments you’ve made. I can see the one-off payment of around £20 you made a few months ago. Likewise, the recent one-off payment of £50 has cleared, and I see you’ve also adjusted your monthly payment amount since posting your question above. In short, everything looks in order! Please send us an email if you want to discuss this in more detail or make any changes to your account.

Hi Lukas, thank you for the information. As long as everything is OK it’s fine. Just don’t like falling behind.

Kind Regards