One year on - and STILL no kWh option on the graphs

Six months ago,I posted a comment that began: “So, six months after I mentioned this previously and someone said they’d pass the request on to whoever’s job it is to ignore such things, there’s still no sign of kWh appearing on the usage charts.”

And (as ever) we got the reply “Oh, we’ll pass it on to our development team. These things take time…”

A whole year’s worth of time to implement a very simple bit of programming. You already have ALL the data you need, but you clearly have no intention of letting us compare our gas and electricity usage from year to year (and no, £ is NOT a valid way of comparing, when prices are up and down all over the place).

A simple change like this would do wonders for your “green credentials” and allow us to see if changes we were making in our homes were really making a difference.

Just do it, and stop making excuses. I guess I’ll be back here in another six months, making the same complaint, though, won’t I. If I haven’t moved to a different supplier, that is…


It’s rather more than a year. :slightly_frowning_face:


[Mar '18]

Hi @Andy_K I believe that the consumption graphs do include VAT and standing charges, but not the dual fuel discount. In terms of getting it to show exactly what it’s made up of, and to show kWh as an option instead of just £-great idea! I’ll send it over to the tech team, to see if they can set it up


[Mar '19]

Thanks for your comments on this. There’s clearly strong support for the kWh.

I’ve passed on your comments to @“Nicolo at Bulb” and the team. There’s always room to iterate and improve on designs.