Ongoing problem with dumb smart meter, poor customer support, loss of e7 tariff

Sian (Bulb Help)

So I am still awaiting a response in writing from you, despite many attempts (all documented) , regarding the issue raised that I did not want a smart meter installing unless you could categorically confirm that I could retain my E7 tariff. You categorically did state that I could and I have this in written confirmation from you. But now I have noticed you have changed my tariff on my account without my permission to a single read out tarrif. Which means you will benefit financially and I will lose out financially. What is happening at bulb?

I have sent you breakdowns of what I should be charged based on my readings of the single read out “dumb” smart meter, splitting this based on my historical data, split between DAY and NIGHT readings, which you have chosen to ignore. I have asked if my meter can be programmed on site to allow me to give Day and Night readings, and you have confirmed it should have been set up this way, but hasn’t been and you have not responded to my emails confirming what action you intended to take.

Can you please explain why you have taken me off the E7 tariff without my permission?
Tomorrow I go the ombudsman.

Hope you don’t mind standing in a queue

I Know, this has been going on since November. What a shambolic company this has turned into.

There’s 2 ways of having ECO 7, A normal 4 pole meter, and a 5 pole meter. IF you have storage heaters, you need the 5 pole, and if this was not installed, good luck, however if you have a 4 pole, you can have bulbs “smart tariff” which is a weird economy 7. read :,smart%20meter%2C%20it’s%20definitely%20SMETS2.

It’s a 4 pole, it’s not connecting to the hub. (I don’t have storage heaters, I used E7 to charge my electric car overnight). In it’s “dumb” state I can’t access any tariff.

That’s unfortunate, good luck with getting your tariff changed!

Not really.

It’s one way of controlling when some appliances draw power, but it’s not the only way.

For sure you have self timed appliances, but I’ve only ever had storage heaters with a 5 pole, and I’d imagine that’s the same for most. Even storage heaters with the constant live I’ve had for fans rely on the 5 pole to tell them heat them up.