Online Banking

I always struggle with direct debits as husband is self employed and payed I regularly money comes in and out all the time. I like to pay by bank transfer online so as soon as I have money I transfer straight over. I do this with other bills why can’t bulb offer online payments? I tryed the make a payment but it did a direct debit in 3 days time when the money was gone.

Unfortunately that is the system Bulb use and the responsibility is with the customer to ensure funds are available.
Could you maybe set up a separate bank account to be used for direct debits and pay in money to that to pay for DDs when its available.

Bulb keep costs down by allowing only the cheapest methods of payment.

Without wishing to be rude, I’ll echo what @scudo has said - this is a problem solved simply by better budgeting and management of personal finance. The example of using a separate account for bills is a good one. You say you “tryed tried the make a payment but it did a direct debit in 3 days time when the money was gone”. Yes, direct debits are a bit slow and take time to go out, but you knew you’d made the payment so should have budgeted that money as already gone even though it was still temporarily in your account. Even if the payment had gone out instantly, wouldn’t that just have moved the problem 3 days later when whatever bill had caused the money to be “gone” was then due?

Personally I keep a bills account which I pay the necessary amount into once per month. The account has sufficient float to cover any bills that are due, and so this completely decouples my bills from my payments into the account. It makes no difference at all when I get paid, how often i get paid, or what date any bills are due. Easy. Zero stress.