Online referral code problem

I referred a friend online last night after 6pm & at no time was there an option to enter my referral code. The switch was successfully completed. Will I still be able to claim the £50 credit(s) after the event?

@REW, the referral code you refer to is actually a referral link. You needed to visit the personlised link to claim the referral bonus.

Bulb have in the past been very good about honouring referral bonuses though if you know the name and link of the person who referred you. I’d give them a ring (or catch them on web chat) to see what they can do.

Ok , I will do, thanks very much for the advice.

@REW I agree with what @mowcius wrote, I’d add that it’s better if your recruit (rather than you, the referrer) is the one who gets in contact with us about this issue. By email is ideal. They can CC you if easier.

Ok thanks,all sorted now, they were great about it on the phone this morning.