Online sign up to Bulb with a Smart pre-payment meter

Hi there,

I appreciate that this is probably best answered by way of a telephone call to Bulb but they appear to be closed at the weekend. I have attempted to join Bulb today using a referral link from a friend.

I have entered all of my details including that I have a smart pre-payment meter with another provider and how much I spend monthly on gas and electricity. The site recognised that I had a smart pre-pay meter and advised that I would be changed to direct debit (absolutely fine as this is what I want). I entered all of my debit card information and hit ‘complete my switch’ and then a pop up was displayed advising me that I needed to select ‘direct debit’ to get a more accurate estimate. I clicked on the link and did so and the estimated monthly cost altered very minimally (despite my current energy company being entered as a smart pre-payment provider) I then went through and ensured my other details were still entered and then clicked ‘Complete my switch’ again. The same pop-up was displayed.

Is this a common issue that anyone else has come across? I don’t think my request has gone through. Are those of us with smart pre-payment meters not meant to sign up online?

Any advice the community could give would be welcomed.

As you said, sounds like you’ll need to talk to Bulb. As far as I’m aware, new customers cannot now pay by debit card (has to be direct debit), so I don’t know why you’d be asked for card details.

If you haven’t received confirmation emails then it hasn’t worked, so it’s probably a case of talking to Bulb on Monday.

Oh apologies, I meant direct debit. I entered my debit card details in the direct debit mandate box.

Thank you for your reply.

Ah, I see. I assume your debit card is one of those with the bank account number and sort code on. Mine isn’t.

Hi @Silken ,

I’ve also responded to your email.

But as a bit of general advice; when signing up with a smart prepayment meter, as you mention you need to select direct debit rather than top-up. What I think is happening is that you’re then putting your prepay tariff in when refining your quote on the sign up page which confuses it a bit.

If you select direct debit, then either avoid refining the quote altogether or choose a direct debit tariff when refining, you should be able to sign up without issue as a direct debit customer.