Online statement page - no balance info?

Although my current account balance is shown on the monthly emailed statements, it seems that it isnt shown on the ‘Statements & Payments’ page in My Bulb,

Is there somewhere else that the balance info is shown?

If not, then i’d suggest that it would be a very useful bit of info to include on the ‘statements & Payments’ page!

This from my online statement taken from ‘Statements & Payments’ page in My Bulb`.

@martin7906, your balance is shown on your Payment Details page, but weirdly not the Statements and Payments page as you pointed out.

I agree that showing it on there as well would be handy though.

Just checked again. In my account then statement & payments page, open up the statement and the balance is shown.

@scudo, if you’ve had any money transferred out of your account, your last statement will not list the correct account balance.

It would make sense for that page to have a live figure, as the payment page does.

@martin7906 The payment details page is currently where the current balance of the account is listed. If there is demand for moving this or also having this shown on the Statements & Payments page then I can raise this as a potential change.

@“DanP at Bulb”, I wouldn’t move it, but having it there as well would seem to make sense.

@mowcius I will make the suggestion!

I find the balance on the payments page to be wrong for the week before the direct debit. It seems to account for the direct debit too soon which does not show up on the statements page until the day after the payment occurs. My direct debit is due on 26th but today 19th it already seems to have received the payment that has not yet been made.

Hi @Phillip_PAL

You’re right. The website does work like that, it is subtracted if the direct debit doesn’t go through.

However, I would say that the statements are the best place to review whether your payments and usage are suitable.


Personally, I would like to see the balance alongside the in/out on screen without having to download the statement. This is how my online banking displays my account information, and to me seems a very sensible thing to do. I rarely need to actually download and open the statement itself, except that in this case I have to as there is no instant view of the rolling balance.