Only 50% switch confirmed

Hi guys,
I have received an email from The Money Saving Expert’s Cheap Energy Club. They inform me that you have only confirmed my electric switch to you via the club. They still await the confirmation of my gas switch to you. Can you look in to this please. As you are aware, company’s pay a referral fee to MSE energy club which they split 50/50 with us customers.

@Steveb1973, gas readings for whatever reason often do take a bit longer to be confirmed by the third party and sent on to your old supplier so I suspect it’s just lagging behind a little. I’m sure someone from Bulb will pop in to confirm though.

On a related note, how much do MSE give you as a customer for your switch?

50% of the referral fee you pay them

Used to be £30 … now £25 I think

Hi @Steveb1973, @mowcius is right, sometimes the official messages take a little time to get sent and confirmed. Your gas account is fully with us, so I am sure MSE will get the message soon and share the cashback with you. Owen