Only just joined bulb and my pre payment meter is charging me over twice the amount I payed on eon , going to swap back

Only just joined bulb and my pre payment meter is charging me over twice the amount I payed on eon , going to swap back

You say bulb are charging you £0.28p a kwh?
This would be extremely unlikely, and illegal under the OFGEM price cap

Hi Simon-Dean,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your prepayment meter. You can check if there is any debt on the meter (which could explain where the credit is going) and that the tariff is right by going through the different screens. You can compare the tariff on the meter against the info in your Welcome Pack.

This article should help you read the meter:

Hi Chloe, I have a similar problem. I’m currently being charged approx £10 per week more than I was with Scottish Power. I have zero debt on my meter, can you explain why I’m paying more when I switched due to the amount I was paying with SP?

I have checked and as I thought , no dept .

Are you taking into account seasonal variation in usage?

It’s easy enough to check the unit rate and standing charge you’re paying for your energy. If those are lower than SP, then the only other option is that you must be using more.

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Yeah, I’ve checked my usage from Bulb and compared it to my last statement from SP and bulb is actually higher. Not using anything that I wasn’t using when with SP so I don’t know why I would be paying £10 more a week than I was.

With SP I was paying approx £20pw, with Bulb it is almost £30.

What specifically is higher?

Are you able to compare your usage in kWh? This would eliminate variations in costs and be a more like-for-like comparison. Once you’re sure you’re using a broadly similar amount of energy, you can start to figure out what’s going on. Are the unit rate and standing charge what you expect them to be with Bulb, and lower than your previous SP tariff?

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The kwh of Bulb is actually a little higher, but not enough to be as expensive as it is. The reason I switched was because Bulb was meant to be cheaper.

Higher than what? Higher than what you were paying SP? Higher than what you expected it to be? If the latter, then that small difference is probably 5% VAT.

Well, that’s no “meant to be cheaper”. It either is or it isn’t. There’s no magic here, everything is quantitative and can be verified with some simple maths.

Are you able to compare your usage in kWh? If the cost of energy is lower than SP, and there’s no debt on the meter, then the only thing left is you must simply be using more. If you believe your usage hasn’t changed, then possibly you have a faulty appliance that has started using more energy? You’ll have to start looking around your property to see what’s sucking up the juice.

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The kwh is a little higher than it was with SP which would mean that the cost would be higher, which also makes it higher than what I was expecting. Like I said earlier, I switched because it was supposed to be a cheaper option and I’m wanting to get answers from a Bulb rep as to why I’m paying more than what was advertised.

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You have to compare like with like to be able to validate your comment. Have you compared the unit rates and standing charges between SP and Bulb? The fact you have used more energy is irrelevant as to why Bulb is more expensive, if you used more energy then you costs will be higher. When you switched to Bulb did you enter your past 12 months energy usage to get a quote from Bulb?

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I haven’t used more energy, I’m using the same appliances at the times of day as I was with SP. I provided my last 6mnths readings to Bulb and final reading before transferring over. Bulb was supposed to be the cheaper option, as advertised on their site, but so far after only 2 weeks I have had to top up my meter to the sum of £60. As far as I am aware, this is not an affordable solution for energy.

In your earlier response you did mention you are using slightly more kWh with Bulb.

The last time I had any involvement with pre payment meter was many moons ago when it required a bob in the slot to keep your electricity on.

Are you able to check from your meter what charges are being applied by Bulb? If so are these the same as that quoted to you by Bulb in their welcome pack?

Good luck. I’ve been looking at this site 10 minutes since almost immediate responses to my complaint. It appears the same jokers jump in I.e. they all work for bulb. Shame they don’t employ then to resolve customer issues!!!

You contradict yourself sir, they can’t employ us if we already work for them


I swapped from Avro, bulb are charging me far more than Avro, my usage is the same. Going Togo else where.


Are you saying the unit costs and standing charges for Bulb are more than Avro?

Yes, but I did my math before swapping. So, they should not be

The last time Bulb increased their prices was effective from 11 November 2018.

Which means that if you joined Bulb after that date and did your maths and found them cheaper than Bulb how are you able to say they are charging you more than Avro?

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