Only one referral bonus showing

Hiya, I completed my switch to bulb yesterday and got an email saying £50 had been added because I’d signed up via a friends referral link. At the same time I got an email saying my mums switch had also been completed (and she signed up via my referral link) so they’d credited another £50. Only one lot of £50 is showing? Do you think it’s an error or does one type of referral take longer eg when someone signs you up as opposed to when you sign someone up. Hope someone knows!

@Allypally1417, unless you got your mum to sign up on the same day as you, I’d expect that credit to take an extra day or two to come though, whether the email says it’s complete or not.

What does it say in your referral page?

If there’s nothing by Monday I’m sure someone from the Bulb team will be able to check for you though.


Won’t post my comment for some reason!

@Allypally1417, in your friend’s MyBulb referral page does it show you as having switched?

@mowcius Just spoken to my friend and she’s having the same problem. Her £50 is there from me signing up but not from her having signed up through her brothers referral link. Looks like it might be some sort of glitch. Hopefully bulb will be able to sort it out for us. She got the same emails I did too.

@Allypally1417, if hers is showing then that’s good news.

I suspect there’s just a slight delay in getting that through to you but I’m sure Bulb will be able to confirm.

Thanks for your help @mowcius

@Allypally1417 I see you’ve now received a second credit let us know you have any other questions.

Hi @Allypally1417 :slight_smile:

It looks like all this got sorted over chat yesterday - sorry we were a little slow at replying to your community post! But I can confirm the full £100 referral credit is now on your account :slight_smile:

And thanks @mowcius for helping out!