Only paid one bill

I joined on the 22nd of December and have only made one payment, however I have £114 in credit in my account. Can you tell me how this has happened? Thanks

Hi @Rebecca_D1, were you referred to Bulb? In which case, there may be additional credit from the referral.

Your statements and payments page should clarify where the money has come from.

Hi, no - just signed up through energy saving club. Only thing on statement is the one payment of £57.44 I have made.


@“Rob at Bulb” (?)

Hi @Rebecca_D1 ,

When the next monthly direct debit is originally requested (6 days before), the payment is instantly shown on your account balance.

If in the case that the payment doesn’t go through, then the account balance is adjusted. But in most cases, the credit remains as it is.

The balance is showing two payments of £57.44.

All the best,

Thank you!