Only seeing monthly readings from smart meters


We had the smart meters installed a few months ago and not had any real issues ( so far hopefully :slight_smile: ) with them or the in house display. It did take a couple of days and a reboot of the IHD to settle down but it seems to be fine now.

My problem is that I’m still getting estimated electric readings on my bills. Our bill date is the 26th of the month. The Gas got a reading on the 24th July but the electric only got a reading on the 1st July. The reading for the 26th was then estimated.

I thought we had set the system to provide reading every half hour but the readings don’t seem to be making it to bulb. Any idea what has gone wrong?


Hi @deltaalpha52

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I’m glad to hear your smart install went smoothly and you’re happy with the meters so far.

I can see that the request to change to half-hourly meter reads was only made a few days ago. It can take a week or so for the meters to fully update with the new reading schedule, but this should be done shortly.

Once that is done we should start getting reads every half hour or so on our end. This’ll avoid the issue of estimated reads being used down the line :ok_hand:

Hi - thanks for checking what you can see on the account.

Funny thing is :grin: that I’m sure we selected 1/2 hourly readings when we requested the smart meters to be installed. I went to the dashboard/smart/meter-settings page and it showed every half hour as being selected. I just pressed the Save Settings as a “cannot do any harm” maybe :wink:

Is there any screen to show what option has been selected?

We have also just had solar panels installed and the good weather ( well up till the last couple of days) have meant we hardly used any electricity - should I put in a new manual reading :question:

Regard - David

I appreciate where you’re coming from there @deltaalpha52, I too often double click to save things and have that ‘can’t do any harm’ attitude :sweat_smile:

I can see that you requested your smart readings to come through every half an hour, you can see that in your Bulb account here. With regards to your readings actually coming through to us every half an hour, that should be sorted within the next week.

I can see you’ve manually added the electricity reading today so thanks for that! I’ve reversioned your latest bill so it’ll now include your actual read. That should come through within the next 24 hours :+1:

– Meg :bulb:


The new bill has come through and it looks fine.

That link was the one I had used, and when I went there a few days ago the half hourly button was selected. As I said I yes pressed the “save settings” to see if that made a difference. Seems it might have done.

How will I know when the half hourly readings are working?

Hi @deltaalpha52

Good question. The most obvious sign will be that more reads should begin appearing on your account. Whilst these might not be every half hour, it should be more frequent :muscle:

If you are unsure if it’s worked just let us know and we can check on our end. Whilst not all the reads will load onto your account, we can check on our end how regularly they’re coming through :white_check_mark:



been a few weeks and it seems that the meter readings are still only being taken every month. Can you see any change your end?

hey @deltaalpha52

I’ve had a look at your account and it looks like the switch over to HH readings didn’t complete so I’ve switched it to daily to see if we can get that across and then once thats working we’ll switch it up to HH again :crossed_fingers:

Hi Holly

just looked at meter readings for the account and it is still just doing 1 electric reading a month.

Funny that the elec is at start of month where as the gas is at the end of the month just before the bill date.

and checked the mobile app and I can see daily reading for Gas but not electricity.

Well there is a turn up. I’m still not seeing the daily elec readings but it seems that you did manage to get a smart reading for the latest bill.

At least that is a start :slight_smile:

The current status is
The bulb app is showing hourly figures on the day tab for both Gas and Electric.
I cannot see todays figures only from yesterday and the previous day :confused:

The monthly and yearly tabs are showing the gas figures - but no figures for the Electric, why not?

And the smart meter in house display is showing amounts for gas and electric, but only showing Kwh for gas - electric shows as 0.00 Kwh for “so far today”, “so far this month” but it does have a figure for “so far this year” :confused:

Finally why does the smart meter only show the electric usage on the “usage now” screen.


Hi @deltaalpha52 sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I think this thread was missed. Are you still experiencing these issues? - Miriam

Hi Miriam,
Thanks for responding - I assume things are a bit strange at Bulb at the moment.

Yes the app is still just showing the Gas figures for week and month tabs.

The daily tabs show both figures

The yearly tab seems to be showing the electric for October and gas for May, Aug, sept and Oct.

Take care and stay safe

Hi @deltaalpha52,

So sorry for the delay with getting back to you!
Did you have any luck getting this sorted? Are you able to check this all on your IHD?

– Daisy :bulb:

The app has not changed the week and monthly tabs do not show any elec readings.

The IHD is showing data -sort of - but it has not been fully updated with the latest rates :frowning: