Only taking estimates of gas and electricity, not the submitted readings

I have been with Bulb for about a year, and have submitted my own readings. However, looking back at my account these have not been used, only the estimates. I have submitted photos as requested.
Out of the blue last week a guy came and took readings- and now have a large electricity bill. Why weren’t my readings used? I usually use about £50 each month, this bill was over a £100.

Only Bulb will be able to say why your readings weren’t used.

On your statements does it show readings which you have supplied in addition to the estimated readings?

Does your most recent statement show the readings supplied by the meter reader and are these close to what is showing at this point in time on your meters?

Does your usage not vary between summer and winter months? My usage doubles between summer and winter periods?

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Hi @19willyoung81

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We are sorry that the reads have not been uploaded on your account.

I can see that you account is not up to date and still in a healthy credit.

The last statement is a consolidated one so this can look quite confusing, this happens if we get a meter read after the date we create your bill.

If you want to open a complaint about your meter reads please do email

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