Oops can't find your account

Hi Bulb

I’m having trouble signing into my account, my email and password is definitely correct and I’ve tried signing in using a link from my email but no joy. I get the message oops can’t find your account.

Could you get this fixed as I can’t submit any meter readings and I don’t fancy an estimate bill


@Bluemoon I’ve emailed you a confirmation of your new account details - it should work now.

They have done that with me now. I can’t sign in and it says payment is coming out in 3 days when it isn’t due to come out until the 9th and i can’t get on my account to sort it out

I have problem with sign in to my account. I moved to your company but I still haven’t any password and link to registration my account. Can you help me?

hi @angelika I believe one of my colleagues emailed you to get this sorted out yesterday, @maz I believe I’ve fixed your account and I’ve emailed you new login details

i got onto my account. it wasn’t my password, it was the bulb site that was wrong and needed fixing. I assume they fixed it the other day as i got on no problem