Open usage data

Is there such a thing as ‘Open Meter Data’? I’m ideally looking for data for around at around 50 premises per “outward postcode” (i.e. the first half of the postcode such as LE9 or TN23) and meter reading data (dates and either the actual meter readings or “usage offsets”: estimates will be useless)? There’s a couple of ideas I want to play around with having this data would be very useful.

I’m hoping since the outward postcode covers an average of 8,200 properties, it’ll be a good enough sample for my purposes yet be anonymous for users (as the only way they could be tracked to users is to have a time machine to go back to the meter reading date and check all 8,2000 properties: yes, you could narrow down by “properties that currently have a meter reading higher than previous”, but still).

@RichyB this is a very interesting question. What are you looking into, out of pure curiosity?

For now, the answer is ‘Not that I know of’ – but @“JamesM at Bulb” and @“Vicky at Bulb” are looking into this question a bit. We’ll keep you posted if we find anything.

i.e. we know that people in your area A kinda estimate/prediction system based on weather (i.e. we know that people in your area tend to use 4% more energy when the weather drops X degrees and the prediction for the next few days is Y degrees C: reasoning for a sample instead of a single household is to have a better base-line and “you are using less than others” prompts etc).

Just a fun little project at the moment.

It sounds fantastic. Let’s keep @“James at Bulb” in the loop if you find anything useful (and vice versa if he does).