Opened my Bulb (energy) app for the first time in a while and it looks like I'm in credit £2264

I must admit, kinda neglected to bother looking at it. We got a smart meter installed and I’ve been paying them £60 a month or so for Gas + Electric which was lowered as previously it was £99 and we ended up in credit so just assumed £60 would be about right and the smart meter would sort the rest.

So I log in and see £2264 there in my face.

Oh shit.

But wait, it’s £2264 balance, as in… in credit.

I look at the payment history and they haven’t taken any money from the balance since January, right so I’m going to get a big bill when I speak to them most likely. That’s okay.

but the eagle eyed of you will realise £60 a month since Jan2020 isn’t £2264. Well the balance ‘in credit’ in Jan stood at +£151. So about £1400 has appeared from thin air in the form of “statement corrections” but there’s a lot of them. 120.65, 48.69, 71.60, 100.00, 119.78, 115.73, 56.20, 49.03, 90.19, 127.77 etc

I’m talking to them now, all they’re saying is the bill has accrued over time as they have an issue with our meter readings. So will get a bill for energy used since Jan, which should be less than £2264…

Very strange. What do I do now if this bill comes through tomorrow and it’s significantly less than the £2264? I mean in theory, I think it’s very unlikely we have used £226 a month so it’s possible even after this bill comes in we’re going to be +£1000 still…

Only thing I can think they’ve done is when they installed the smart meter, someone put a value in wrong somehow which made them think they owed me loads of money. So perhaps they will just end up correcting that mistake

Hello @ShepherdKai,

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I’m really sorry for any confusion your current account balance. It sounds like we received some updated information from your smart meter, which means we need to rebill you, so we’ve issued statement corrections so you’re not charged twice for this.

We’ll need to issue you a consolidated statement which spans from the first statement correction until now with the correct readings and meter details, and then you’ll get an updated account balance. I wasn’t able to find your account unfortunately to look further into this but if you give us a call on 0300 303 0635 or email us a we’ll be happy to help.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Freya :bulb:

my issue got solved!!

I had this - they hadn’t billed me since October 2020. So they credited all my payments from June 2020 to last month and billed me up-to-date. So the account is back to normal.

However my readings are done on the 22nd of the month and I used to get a statement on the same day, monthly. Already this month, the reading has been taken but no statement generated - so it’s all going to go wrong again.

The whole point is knowing where you are and paying the right amount. I don’t want to yo-yo!

Why is this happening, Bulb?


Hi @ShepherdKai :wave:

Glad this has now been sorted! Any other questions, let us know.

Cara :bulb:

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Sorry you’ve been having so many issues with the statements- I understand it’s important to be able to track your monthly usage, so I apologise this hasn’t been possible.

I would like to make sure this doesn’t keep happening, so have sent you an email to get a little more information about the meters and the smart installation.

If you can get back to me there, that would be great!

Cara :bulb:

Hi, I’ve emailed you - there will be two as I pressed send before I finished!


We haven’t received any bills since Dec/Jan - Bulb can you please sort this out as it is showing we are in credit but still wants to increase our monthly payment.

Hi, can you give us any details about how it was sorted?
Others in your situation might find it useful, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hahaha I can trump that. The same as you, just checked for the first time in ages and I’m £4309 in credit. What’s going on??? I expect to be well in credit but…

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Hi @Pietro :wave:

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I can see that the bill was stuck in draft, sorry about this.

I have now put that through, it will be a consolidated bill for the whole time you have been with Bulb so it may look a little confusing.

This shouldn’t happen again, it happened as we got your meter read after we had produced the bill so we refunded everything that had been paid into the account and then took the correct amount (which got stuck in draft).

Thank you for your patience,


Hi @Ian10 :wave:

I’m really sorry you have received your statements in a number of months. There is a software bug that is affecting some accounts, causing the statements to fail. We have raised this with the billing team, who have raised it with the developers and we are just waiting on the outcome.

As soon as this issue is sorted, we’ll get a consolidated statement sent out.

Again, I do apologise for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Cara :bulb:

Hi yep that’s exactly what happened to me. The first smart meter fitting date 2 jan 20 was aborted but they cancelled my gas meter on my account so not billed for gas at all even thought they took readings. When they fitted in August 20 it wasnt reinstated so im 1050 to 1293 in credit depending on which rep emails me. They explained whats happened accepted my readings as being accurate to theirs, but just don’t seem to be able to correct it. I’ll be fuming if I suddenly get a huge bill. Hope yours gets sorted soon

I honestly don’t know what bulb are doing! Joined a few months ago after having smart meters, no bills but cleared my account of what I owed because they’d failed to take any direct debit. Eventually got a bill so cleared all remainder I owed, woke up to an email saying my payments are increasing. I don’t like how bulb work so for me I’m going to be be leaving, I didn’t expect to be chasing stuff up to get my bills and for them to have control over what I’ve to pay, feel like I’m not in control

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Any clues as to which are the better companies? Prefer a green one but if like Bulb perhaps not . Im writing to radio 4 consumer programme -care to join me?

Still waiting for monthly billing to show on my account, last one was for Dec 2020 -January 2021. Please let me know how much longer this will take. I can’t understand why we have all these delays - I thought having smart meters enabled you to have up to date information about your energy charges and if you was in credit / debit. It’s really disappointing that these problems are taking so long to be resolved.

Hi @andrewspj2,

I can see there’s an open complaint for you now, but I’ve reached out to Henry to see if they have any update for you. One of us will get back to you ASAP when we’ve made some progress on the account. I’m sorry for the delay.

@Pixie - I’ve cleaned up your account and got you an accurate bill sent out - sorry for the delay in getting this sorted! Please let me know if you have any other questions at all.

All the best,


I’m having the same issue as listed above. Last statement was oct-nov20, then loads of statement corrections from Dec20, no statement since then. Can someone look into this please.

Thank you

Hey @Auxxon,

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I just fixed your billing issues now, your bills from 2019 to April 2020 are just being looked over by our operations team though as they fall under what is known as backbilling regulation (any bills from more than 12 months ago).

You should receive your bills within the next 3-5 working days.

Hope this all helps! :relaxed:

:bulb: Trevor

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Can you please sort my bill out please as not had a statement since may and I’m in credit