Opening a second account and closing the current one in a few months

I have a question regarding managing multiple accounts. Long story short I need to:

  • Open a new account for a new flat I am moving into in June.
  • Keep the current account for the flat I am living in now open until end August, then have it closed for good for the 1st of Sept.
I've seen that I can open a second account by going through the same account opening process, I just have to use the same email account and name. I should be able to see both account once I sign in after that.

My doubts are about the current account. Can I close it in August, withough incurring in fees? The new tenants will just have to switch to his own provider, correct?

Thanks for your help!

@rudepanda, there are no fees to move away from Bulb, so you can absolutely just tell them when you are no longer responsible for the property (along with a final meter reading) and your account will be closed.

The property will continue to be supplied by Bulb but either the homeowner or the next tenants will then be responsible for the bills.