Opening meter reading has wrong date?

I submitted my first meter readings, and some subsequent readings around a week ago. My switch completed today, but when I check the usage bit all of the dates are today’s date (I did not submit anything today at all) - so, I assume if I now submit more it will look as if I have used a week+ of energy in the space of a day!

What to do?

Hi Darren! @darren8792

There’s a 10-day window around your switch date where we can take an official opening meter reading. That’s the one that gets sent off to your old supplier so that they can bill you to that number, and we’ll start billing from that number.

So whenever you put in a meter reading within that 10-day window, it will show up as if it had been on your switch date (10th September).

We’ve sent your different meter readings off to your old supplier automatically, but we can’t be sure exactly which one they use until we get official confirmation from them. Generally a single meter reading once per month is plenty for us to keep your account in line with your usage :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any further problems and we’ll get everything sorted for you asap :slight_smile: