Opening Meter Readings

I have received a final elect account from my old supplier. They have used an estimated reading for 31 May which much higher than my present meter is showing (Est 19350 - todays act 17887)
I haven’t yet received a final gas bill. My old supplier says they have not received one from you. My reading today was 28012

Hi @ian730. Sorry to hear this. I’ve spoken to your old supplier this morning to find out what’s happened. We’ve sent you an email with more details about the electricity reading.

We sent both your readings on your supply start date, but it’s normal for the reads to take around 3-6 weeks to reach the old supplier, as they go through various third parties from both sides to be validated. The gas and electricity industries operate separately, so it’s possible they can arrive at different times.

It can take up to 6 weeks after your switch date for your old supplier to issue your final bill. I’d wait a few more weeks for them to close down the gas account. If you’ve still not got it by mid-July then let us know.

Check your emails re: the electricity :slight_smile:

Thanks Shaunagh

You’re welcome @ian730