Opening Meter Reads

Hi All,

I submitted my opening reads today in prep for SSD of 06/12/2017

The gas was accepted and dated as 30/11/2017

The electric didn’t work first time and on the second attempt it was successful however has been dated 06/12/2017

In order to avoid incorrect opening reads should I provide another set on the 06/12/2017 as I dont wanna end up with estimated bills from the outset?

Any advice would be great! :slight_smile:


HI @dkhosy23

The rules are slightly different for gas and electricity, but we can accept opening readings 5 days either side of the SSD. We have received both of your readings and will be using these to open the account. We will send them to your previous supplier and ensure that they close your account with the same readings.

No need to submit any more readings.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks @“Owen at Bulb”