Opening reading issue

I have now had my final bill from my previous supplier and they have used an estimated opening reading from the electronic flow you provided of 8599 as opposed to the opening reading you have used to set up my account of 8459.

After having contacted my previous supplier they have informed me it is now your responsibility to address the issue as they are only able to use the electronic flow data you provided to produce my final bill.

Can you help?

Hi @Charlie905, unfortunately the reading that you sent in was rejected by the industry, so were given 8599 to use as well. Unfortunately, because this is so close to 8459, we cannot dispute this with the other supplier, and we will have to continue using this reading (industry tolerance levels are 250). You won’t ever be double charged for any electricity - you will pay them until you reach 8599, and us for anything beyond that. Sorry about this.

@“Owen at Bulb” I assume my opening reading with yourselves will be amended and the recent invoice amended with yourselves?

@Charlie905 this means our opening reading will be 8599 too, so our bills would reflect that.