Opening Reading/Switching over to BULB (2nd Gen Smart Meter already installed)

Hello all,

My switch from OVO to BULB is currently going through.

I currently have a second generation smart meter.

BULB is asking me to submit my first/initial meter readings, however, I thought my reading Day/Night/Gas readings will be automatically sent to BULB from the meter/from OVO?

I’ve gone to look at my meter and there are no readings on my meters (or maybe I don’t know how to see it on these new smart meters). How do I give my Day/Night/Gas readings if there is nothing on the meters?

My old meter (before the switch to the 2nd gen Smart Meter) used to flash the day reading, then night reading, and then I would look at my gas meter for that reading.

Any ideas on what the switch process is for those who already have a 2nd gen smart meter and BULB want you to submit the readings?

Thank you for reading,


Hi @mcaje14,

Welcome to our Community page, we look forward to you joining us!

I have taken a look into your account now and can see that your switch date is set for: 16/02/2021. Even though you have Second Generation Smart Meters, it is still recommended that on the date of your switch you submit your readings, as we cannot guarantee that we will be able to pull through readings directly from your meter on the day of your switch.

We have a really useful guide which can help you read your meter if needed:

Please do get back in touch if you have any further questions or enquiries at all, and we’ll be happy to answer those for you :slightly_smiling_face: - Diana