Opening readings

I have to put my readings in on the 07/12/2017 to start with bulb on the 13/12/2017 what happens with the 6 days in between as it looks to me that I’ll get charged twice for the 6days between supply change.

Hi @Fatboyjim59 , you won’t be charged twice for any days. When you send us meter reads, we send them on your transfer date so you will see them as the 13th December.

You won’t be double charged as your previous supplier will charge you to that figure and then we will charge you from that figure. No overlap.

You also won’t be double charged standing charge, as both suppliers only charge it while you’re supplied by them (Bulb will charge it from the 13th Dec onwards)

Hope that makes sense,

Yes that makes perfect sense to me now, so the first changeover month will be a little higher, then after that it’ll be monthly readings and billings, thank you for your reply, looking forward to changing over now.

@Fatboyjim59 That’s good to hear, glad to have you with us!