Opt-out and removal of existing smart meters

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Will Bulb ensure customers can always opt out of having a smart meter ?

If I move into a property that has a smart meter installed, can I get Bulb to remove that meter and install a normal meter?


Hi @peter1833 we’d be able to remove the meter for you, but there would be a cost incurred by you.

Just cover it in aluminium foil then take manual readings :tongue:


Thanks for the reply @devin_ao. Would it be possible to get this Question / Answer added to the Smart Meter FAQ along with the cost that would be incurred if it’s a standard fee.

Regarding covering it in foil, I think this would be classed as possible meter tampering. At the very least it would be pretty dangerous having foil that near the supply tails - I’m surprised to see Bulb staff appearing to endorse this.

Hi @peter1833 I can suggest we add it to the FAQ’s. However, it’s not something we are commonly asked and would most likely be better answered in an email as costs vary depending on the meter set-up. You are, of course, still welcome to refuse a smart meter and we’ll never force one upon our customers.

@peter1833 With regards to covering the meter in foil, Bulb does not endorse this as an action that members should take if they do not want a smart meter. We would happily organise to replace any meter if it is unwanted.

We did not believe that @phproxy was making a serious suggestion that this is the action you should take and so did not reply mentioning the potential danger of doing so along with the illegality of tampering with an electricity supply.

The ‘opt out’ question I notice has not been addressed. I do not and never will have one but tire of receiving regular appointment booking emails.


If your meter stops working the chances of getting a non smart meter are significantly less than 2 years ago. Market forces dictate that no one is making normal meters anymore.

We’ll all have smart meters come one point or another. I don’t see the benefit of changing my meters personally but will take a smart meter if mine get replaced


Standard meters are still manufactured and stocked but the smart meter manufacturers and utility companies would have us think otherwise. I am in my 60th year so it is very unlikely to happen in my life time-thankfully.

This site has information on shielding issues: https://stopsmartmeters.org/frequently-asked-questions/faq-shielding-and-measurement-issues/#shieldrf

That is known rubbish. It’s full of vague science and misleading claims.


Really? And in what way (s) are your opinions more valuable?

Because fact trumps opinion every time.

One of us has an opinion and the other facts. I’ll give you a clue, mine isn’t the opinion.

Just looking at the domain, it’s one of the fear propaganda websites like stop 5g. Its these same light on facts people as the flat earth and anti vaccination brigade.


I agree with @FromTheValleys, that website is a load of old rubbish.

I’d like to think my “opinions” are more valuable because I have a physics PhD, but then everyone has had enough of experts.

US reference but globally valid:

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And you are entirely free of bias with no personal interpretation of absolutely anything?

Your ‘facts’ are no more viable than my ‘facts’. It would be more FACTUAL to talk about INTERPRETATION of facts which are almost always subject to human biases and personal opinions. Do no try to kid me otherwise love as I have lived a very long time.

Umm they are because mine are true and yours are not.

Your ‘source’ talks about all of this RF radiation.
RF radiation comes from all sources. LED bulbs, anything with a transformer I.e any mains adapters for your appliances, your home wifi, mobile phone coverage. Let’s not forget the largest emitter of RF radiation of most frequencies which is the sun.

So basically, unless your home is in a faraday cage blocking out all RF sources and you have no wireless devices inside your home you don’t really have a leg to stand on. I’m assuming you have all of the things I’ve mentioned installed in your home.

You could also challenge @Hooloovoo who literally has a PhD in the field. Generally academics in the UK are free from bias as if their thesis is successfully peer reviewed, the evidence presented in it must be correct and free from bias as it goes out to the whole scientific community. It’s why the whole wakefield study to do with vaccines was discredited as no one else could produce the results. If smart meters were really that bad there would be plenty of scientific papers backing up your claim. Until you produce a peer reviewed study proving your point, then yes yours is pure speculation and opinion, and my stance is facts.

But hey, people prefer to listen to blogs that agree with them rather than the real subject matter experts.

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Phds are human beings like the rest of us and no human being can possibly be free from bias unless they become a robot. At the end of the day you are all using user names not real names so I have no way of checking any of your credentials or backgrounds. I do not accept anything on face value just because you claim or someone else claims to be an expert. You can find 10 phds and you will get 10 different opinions and that is the way it should be! Today’s ‘science’ is tomorrows ‘bunkum’! Nothing is completely provable. All you can do is INTERPRET FACTS and that by necessity involves OPINIONS.

You’re correct.

I choose not to accept the theory of gravity then. Or the Sun rotates round the earth. Or maybe the earth is flat.

But I know how to interpret sources, and if a consensus is reached throughout the scientific community, literally thousands of scientists, I’ll believe them over a blog which is deeply flawed.

Produce a decent source, preferably from a journal and I may interpret your opinion differently. But as it stands, your source is opinion, my understanding is fact.

I take it from your answer then that you have taken the following precautions in your home.

  • Surrounded it in a Faraday cage.
  • Have no Wifi
  • Have no wireless phone handsets
  • Have no mobile phone.

I do not and never will permit a ‘smart’ meter (those of us who who are capable of using mental arithmetic have no need of such devices) to be installed and neither will I ever purchase, own or use a ‘smart’ phone. There is a reason why they market these devices as ‘smart’ to the masses: think about that! I wish you well in your ‘brave new world’. Thankfully I am getting old and consequently will be spared the very worst of it!