Original quote excluding VAT

I should have read my original email quote properly. I just noticed it at the bottom of the quote under the tariffs in SMALL print. “Prices exclude VAT, which is charged at 5% for domestic supplies”

As a domestic customer why couldn’t Bulb have included VAT in my tarrifs? Unless I’m a business I think it’s wrong to do this. Surley the majority of the Bulb customers are domestic?

email quote from Bulb’s website, or somewhere else?

If you put your postcode in for a quote on Bulb’s website, the prices quoted include VAT.

Bills etc show it split as you’d expect.

I’ve just signed up and asked the same question via email. It does seem a weird way to do it but I suppose bills are always tariff plus vat so I can understand

phproxy, I was referred to bulb by my Sister who is a Bulb customer. Still waiting for my £50 credit, even though she has got hers. But I am pay as you go!

When you, as a consumer buy something, VAT is normally included in the price. Other energy providers give tariffs inclusive of VAT. I was disgruntled until I went back and in the small print… and I mean small, there it is saying “prices exclude VAT”

I suppose one could argue that that ex VAT is what any company is charging and they want to let you know that is their charge the VAT is what the government want.
Many companies operate this way its not unique to Bulb or other utility companies.

scudo, some other energy providers DO include VAT in their quotes! I am not a business so it wouldn’t heart Bulb to separate quotes/tariffs depending on if you are business or domestic. YES, they did state it but like I say, it WAS mentioned in the small print! and I mean ‘small’. Why would a domestic customer have a quote excluding VAT?

I dont disagree with you phillyzippy but unfortunately lots of companies do the same.

scudo… blimmin Government :#