Our 3 new charity partners

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We’re thrilled to announce 3 new charity partners for our next giving campaign, starting this month. Drumroll, please…

Bonton Farms : Based in South Dallas, Bonton grew from a garden in a small lot to become 2 fully functioning farms, a market and cafe, coffee house and farmer’s market. As an anchor in the community, Bonton provides a pathway to help people rebuild their lives through food, jobs, education, affordable housing, transportation and community.


PEP (Prison Entrepreneurship Program) : Serving communities in Houston, Dallas and Austin, PEP is dedicated to delivering the nation’s best outcomes in the prison re-entry field. They provide unparalleled resources and critical, values-driven business skills to inmates so that once they are back in society they have the tools, skills and support structure to pursue healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.


Feeding Texas : The Feeding Texas network is the largest hunger-relief organization in Texas. Together with 21 member food banks, they reach over 4 million Texans annually with food and resources and engage the state in the fight against hunger.

Another reason we’re especially excited about this campaign? All of these organizations were chosen by our members.

As part of our mission to build Bulb with our members, we invited folks to submit a charity for consideration in mid-September. We received close to 100 great nominations. We then identified 6 potential partners that most aligned with our values as a company and as a B Corp, and presented this shortlist back to our members, where they voted for their top 3.

Going forward, we’ll donate $2 to one of these 3 organizations every time a new person joins Bulb. Each new member will be invited to pick their charity of choice after they sign up.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a charity and voted during this process. We look forward to learning more about our new partners and reporting back as we go.

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