Our electric bill

Our bill last month was £70 in debt this month it in debt by £160 and this month I turn off all the storage heater on the meter box and yet our bill his his still way high I complain last month about our bill being to high but all you dun was con me off I ask for our meters to be check but nothing happen your not turning out be a very good company Yours Paul Burgess

@Daw, are you saying that your account is in debit?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much right now as you’re in the winter so your usage is likely to be higher but from your MyBulb page you can make a top-up payment or increase your monthly payment amount if you’re concerned that it’s not covering your usage.

If your statements are being generated with estimated readings that are higher than your usage then I’d recommend submitting meter readings more regularly and ideally one 3 days before your payment date.

Hi @daw – I see that you spoke to @“Helen at Bulb” about your meter reads yesterday. I’ll leave this in her capable hands.