Our Nearly Future

Hey Everybody! I was wondering and giving wings to my imagination… Think about all the possibilities we will have when we be able to connect:

1 - A Roof Top Solar System;
2 - A Smart Meter;
3 - Storage;
4 - A SmartPhone;
5 - Smart Appliances that comes with the internet of things (IoT);
6 - A Renewable Energy Provider such as Bulb;

The control we will gain and the huge potential for saving energy and money is unprecedented. I will give one example: During the Winter we would be able to buy energy from a clean and renewable energy provider checking in real time the energy consumption of each appliances on our SmartPhones perhaps even programming some appliances (Dish washers; Wash machines) to turn-on when the electricity cost is on its lower level (usually at night). During the Summer we could use electricity produced by the solar system; We could storage the electricity produced during peak hours and use it when needed or even sell it back to the grid perhaps even to a Reliable and Community Engaged Energy Provider such as Bulb accumulating credits. We could choose to whom we want to sell our exceeding energy generation.

With the solar energy cost dropping rapidly for the last few years and the expectancy of further drops in near future this is an increasingly possible future for us… Users.

Absolutely loving your ideas for a more renewable and smart future! There really is huge potential when we start integrating IoT-systems with our energy supply. The information available would help consumers make the right decision not only for price but for the environment as well. Hopefully, we will be able to reach high rollout numbers for smart meters in the upcoming years to help make a path for all the ideas you have mentioned.

To pose a question to you (and hopefully fuel your imagination); with the cost of solar energy dropping and more renewable avenues being discussed, what would be the ideal government response to aid a smart future? To add to it, what do you feel would be a likely governmental response?

Once again, it’s awesome to see members starting discussions, thanks so much :slight_smile: