Our New Fair Price Principles

Back in 2016 (a long time ago I know) Hayden set out our Fair Price Principles here on the Community establishing the way we manage and communicate price to members.

4 and a bit years later we’ve updated our principles to reflect what we’ve learned from our members.

We’re as committed as ever to transparency and fairness, but we’ve also learned that members value a stable price. So, from now on, while we will still monitor prices weekly we won’t change our prices more frequently than every three months.

So without further ado, our principles are now these:

  1. No loyalty tax
  • We don’t tease and squeeze
  • Existing members pay the same tariff as new members
  • And we don’t charge exit fees – you’re free to leave us at any point
  1. When there are savings to be made we pass them on to everyone
  • Every three months, if Bulb’s costs have fallen by more than £20 per year, so will your tariff
  • If costs rise, we work hard to limit increases to you and will always give 30 days notice
  1. Radical transparency
  • We show how our tariff compares to all other suppliers on our website
  • We explain what we’re doing in plain English, not industry jargon
  • A real person is on hand to answer any questions you have

You can find out more about our new services and T&Cs in Hayden’s blog post.