Our smart meters:

From an email which I have just received from Bulb asking if I want a smart meter.

  • Can be read by any supplier, even if you decide to switch in the future
  • Take meter readings automatically, which means no more estimated bills
  • Give you the information you need to help cut your bills and reduce carbon emissions

So there you go, there are no problems with the smart meters installed by Bulb.

I should mention I have previously been advised I wont receive any more emails asking if I want a smart meter, this is after I told Bulb I don’t want a smart meter,.

Allanr…" So there you go, there are no problems with the smart meters installed by Bulb"…

Alex Henney a former government adviser he wrote: 'The British roll-out of smart meters is one of the most incompetent, one of the most expensive, and definitely the most complex.
‘The project is likely to be a shambles with negligible consumer benefit.’

It would appear that nationally 34% of Smarts don’t work properly and the yearly saving to the consumer is at best £10 per year.

Quote………“which means no more estimated bills”…

Going by the comments on this forum there appears to be many that have been getting estimates for months as the meters fail to work and are unable to submit monthly readings.

I think you missed the sarcasm. @Allanr was showing how Bulb are still advertising their smart meter installations as working perfectly, with no mention of any problems at all.

Go on Allanr have a not so smart meter fitted! Ha ha

Hooloovoo, in fairness I think scudo was aware of my intention in posting my comments.

Johno, perhaps way down the line.

Ok. It’s obviously me that’s confused then. Oh well. Nevermind.

As mentioned in previous threads, I have no need of a ‘smart’ meter, and have previously ignored two or three invitations to apply for one.
Did Bulb really think they were going to persuade me by sending this? :roll_eyes:

An ode to smart meters

Hi Xxxxx,

We’re installing smart meters in your area and you can book an installation now.

Smart meters are so good, we’ve written a poem about them:

Smart meters are here -
We’ve mentioned it before.
They replace your old gas and electricity meters
But they tell you so much more.

Get more accurate energy bills
From automatic readings -
It’s an easy way to check
On your recent proceedings.

Knowing more about your usage,
Can really help you save.
Spot your energy-efficient appliances
And the ones that misbehave.

Our meters are second generation,
So if you switch they’ll stay smart.
Our installing engineers are local -
Are you ready to make a start?

Hit the button below
To book your installation.
Together we’ll make the grid greener -
And be a slightly smarter nation.

Book an appointment

Speak soon,
Team Bulb

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Think they’d better employed fixing their not so smart meters instead of writing poetry

I have a different supplier fro electricity and gas. Apparently, according to Bulb, it’s strongly advised to have them both changed at once as the commissioning means they can talk to each other and work correctly. That of course would mean I would need to have same supplier for both.

So where’s the truth in this? Are gas and electricity meters dependent on each other in anyway?

The gas meter and the electric meter both talk to the communications hub, which handles the link to your IHD and the uplink to the supplier(s). The communications hub is physically attached to, and dependent on, the electricity meter.

If you don’t have a smart electricity meter, then installing a smart gas meter wont work because there’s no communications hub. If you have a smart gas meter installed anyway, then it can’t be fully commissioned. Once you then go ahead and get the electricity meter installed, it’s not clear who’s job it is at that point to deal with commissioning the gas meter.

Likewise, if you have your smart electricity meter installed first, and then later have your other supplier install a smart gas meter, it’s not clear how they’re supposed to handle dealing with the electricity meter + communications hub in order to get their new gas meter commissioned.

I’m sure there must be a way around this problem, but given all the other problems getting smart meters to work if it were me I’d definitely make sure I had one supplier handling the dual fuel installation. You could then split your service between two suppliers, and hopefully they can both get the data they need from the DCC independently.

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Thanks for confirming. Really helpful and convincing.

The option she suggested is to switch gas over to them (they’ll pay exit fee), arrange for meters to be changed, then switch back if I wish.

I’m not desperate for a switch to smart. I have a hybrid car and also induction cooker so might benefit from ToU tariffs.

The cost might be differential quite a bit though.
Bulbs gas tariff is 0.5p/kWh and 10p/day more expensive.

It would take c3 weeks to switchover, then however long to get a date for installation, Wait for it all to be set up with DCC and then switch back, assuming that tariff would still be available, taking another c3 weeks.

I used to read my meter and get a bill that’s right
It only took a second, just a phone and a small light
And then I went and took the plunge and went for all the hype.
And suddenly, mysteriously my account just didn’t look right

The start of many emails and calls and online chat
My unit started talking Welsh to me, and I just don’t understand that!
After months and months of trying, they worked and Bulb I will not blame
My bills are coming though now, they’re not less, they’re just the same…

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