Out of hours

My gas meter had to be capped off last night. As it was a Friday night we are now without any heating or hot water or cooking facilities full stop is there anybody that can help over the weekend? Thanks in advance.

I doubt if much can be done before Monday, It has been capped off and made safe which will be their priority.
Maybe others will have more relevant information. If it is the meter then it will be Bulbs problem so I doubt if you are allowed to use a local gas fitter.

Hi @andymick8487 ,

Depending on where your meter was capped, you might not need to get Bulb involved at all. If it’s been capped ‘your side’ of the meter (for example, if it was capped because a helpful relative accidentally drilled into a gas pipe in the kitchen and then you called the emergency gas line on 0800 111 999 who capped it), then it should be able to be uncapped by any ‘Gas Safe’ engineer once they’ve checked the problem/fixed the leak/removed the leaking pipe.

If the meter has been clamped/capped on the inlet side, then Bulb would probably need to be involved.