Outfox the Market

the old supplier, Outfox the Market, are disputing the reading on my final figure, but if they are the one’s who eventually messed it up. as I was on a British Gas free time tariff when I moved to them and got the closing reading off the IHD which was 9750 units but that included 1844 units of free time electric and I thought the IHD would give reading when all it did was give the total read, so that is what I supplied as I am a bit unsteady on my feet, I didn’t know about any different charges so just used the IHD for readings. After about 6 months when I thought I had got it sorted I had put a reading in the day before so emailed them asking to take 1844 from the reading which was correct after they sorted with an opening read of 7906, which they failed to do taking it back to square one.
Two weeks later on the phone to customer services after a series of emails I was told to press A & B together then scroll through to find Act 1 Act 2 and total read, I found them and emailed the figures to them.
I thought it would be alright now they had all the readings but when I logged in the following day the reading was showing the free time readings so until October I gave them all 3 readings by email but gave an explanation on why the readings on the hub were incorrect but they did nothing about it. Now I have dumped them they are now disputing the reading and they haven’t even produced a final bill.

I would contact Bulb and discuss the issue.