Over £1,000 in credit so far!

My regular payments are accumulating a massive credit total, and I have apparently not used any energy since 2nd April. Looks like there’s a major problem with the system (or are gas and electicity are now free for me?)

Would this get fixed quite quickly if I asked for £900 credit to be refunded? :crazy_face:

Is the first occasion you have noticed you have not been billed since 2 April?

Smartmeter sends readings. Standing Order was set at a level to cover the predicted spend. ie: everything is handled automatically and so I’ve had no reason to go back and check that I was actually being billed. I’ve certainly had power, hot water and heating, so have been using gas and electricity. But there are no bills at all showing on my account since April …just my regular payments and a nice credit from introducing someone else to Bulb a couple of months ago. It’s wierd.

I was in a similar position having also transferred to smart meters in April. I took photographs of both meter readings and e-mailed them to bulb. They applied the usage to form a bill and I now provide my readings at the beginning of every month. Smart meters have been a disaster. My IHD doesn’t work either.

My smartmeter sent readings in October for Electricity, and November for Gas, and the numbers are going up (all shows in the app). It’s just that they haven’t actually deducted any payment from my account.

Iv made my account in credit with over £100 and my bills are ment to come out for my electric between the 12th to the 22nd every month and my account still in credit and iv bot been charged. I rung bulb up they saod they will sort it out and they havent but they have been paying my £10 a month for holding on thr phone for 7mins its crazy

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This has been happening to me too, haven’t received any bills and our account is 800 pounds in credit. Might just ask it to be refunded to be honest as I’ll be moving out of this flat soon.