Over 1 week in, still no Smart meter data

Has anyone had any issues with their smart meter taking forever to give readings? the IHD, App, and online account don’t seem to show anything either. my account shows 2 readings on the 11th September, 1 of which is correct, the second is 0.

Tried to call multiple times but long hold times have just infuriated me.

Hi @jack3, it sounds like you’ve had your Smart meter installed fairly recently. It can take up to 3 weeks for us to receive Siemens’ report on the new meter’s technical details. If however you are still experiencing issues after this 3 week time period, then we can definitely look into this further for you.

thanks for your response @Diana_at_Bulb, should I not be seeing my usage on the IHD though? according you guys I should be able to see usage within 48 hours. I have nothing.

Jack, I had mine fitted first week of August and mine are still dumb. So don’t get too excited…

@jack3 You should be able to see your usage on you IHD after 48 hours. If you are unable to, there may be a connection problem between us and your meter. Get in touch so that we can check this for you.

@renee_n_at_bulb as mentioned in my original post, I have been trying. maybe you could get in touch with me to save me sat on hold for hours.


Hi @jack3

Sorry to hear the IHD isn’t showing usages still. I’m going to send you an email directly, and we can get these technical gremlins sorted together there :japanese_ogre: :crossed_swords: