Over charged for 9 days worth of electricity

I have been charged more then £700 for 9 days worth of electricity and there is no way i could use that amount of electricity, Why?

You are posting your query to customers (and non customers) as well as Bulb.

Are you able to post more details as to how you are aware you have been charged £700 for 9 days usage)?

In my email it says that they have caculated i have used more then £700 of energy since 14th January and are now charging me £100 a month which is an increase of nearly £70 a month. I also pay more then what i usually use and always in credit.


Do you have access to your statements so that at least you can substantiate what Bulb are saying is correct.

Hi @carolyncov! :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve taken a look at your account now, and sent you a private message requesting more information. Could you get back to me there?