Over charged from random estimate

Hi, why have you over charged my account by using random made up estimated numbers? I have given actual reading. Your auto bot reply says you use something to give you household usage? Instead of using random households for their usage can you use my actual usage? I am not other households, I’m a single person with only a fridge and freezer running. Your estimated numbers are well over my actual usage. What kind of scam are you running where you charge people random over inflated usage even when i submit actual readings. There is no way to contact you.


I’m just another customer, not a member of Bulb staff, but I can address a couple of your points. In terms of bills and statements, they are produced on the same day each month, typically a couple of days before your chosen payment date. The window for entering meter readings is only 1-2 days before the bill is produced. If you enter meter readings at other times, while they will appear on the bill, an estimate will still be made from the date of your last reading up to the statement date. Did you enter your meter readings within this specific window just before your bill is produced?

See: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360017679811-How-do-estimated-meter-readings-work-

In terms of contacting Bulb, I’m not sure why you think there is no way of contacting anyone. The main help page offers a link to the “contact us” form, where you can either fill out the web form or use one of the other three listed methods of phone, email, and web chat. There can be long response times to email or webchat, because Bulb are rather overwhelmed right now. They have expanded faster than their ability to cope. If you want a faster answer, best to phone them but be prepared for a fair wait in the queue.

I turned on notifications for when i should submit readings in the app, got no notification, i was notified about my bank being billed, i submitted the readings on the last day of the window but it didn’t show in the app, it showed up the day after. Emailed them about it, no reply, tried the chat and it doesn’t open a chat, just shows a FAQ box to search. So what happens now? Will they adjust and fix my usage and bill? Had a look at the other posts and I’m not the only one who is having this issue. Considering moving if they don’t fix it.

Whilst this doesn’t excuse a notification system being broken, given the date is fixed I’d suggest simply using a calendar to set your own notification. In general terms I don’t really understand this sudden need people have to have third parties send them reminders - reminder for your MOT, for your car tax, for your meter readings, etc. When did people stop taking responsibility for organising their own lives?

No reply since when? It’s usually stated at least 5 working days for a reply, quite possibly 10+ days. This isn’t great, obviously, but if you were expecting a reply the next day then that’s not going to happen. No reply yet, is not the same as no reply.

That’s what usually happens if you try the online chat when Bulb are closed. Did you use it during the opening hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm?

The estimated bill you have wont be adjusted. But it’s nothing to worry about really, not a big issue at all. Simply submit your meter readings at the right time next month, and your next bill will be correct with everything brought up to date based on your most recent accurate readings.

Did the readings on time, they still decided to use random made up reading that is several hundreds of units off.
I still have no reply from them.
I used the chat during day time. I’ve tried it at all times, never works.
They have not corrected it. They used an estimate that is 200± units more than my actual reading for this bill.
I’m going to leave them because of this. I have another supplier in mind, bulb has been terrible for me. Wrong reading used and over charged. They haven’t even refunded me the 1st over charge.
If anyone is reading this thinking of joining, don’t, avoid them.