Over charged nearly £1000, bulb don’t care

Moved into new flat joined bulb. Paid bills on time every month. We get an email saying for one month alone our bill is £900+ when we live in a one bedroom flat with the kitchen in the living room.

Been calling, emailing and using the online chat since last November. Spoke to about 20 members of staff, all taking the case on but never helping or replying once call ended. We have been contacting bulb and the only time they have contacted us is when we didn’t pay out bill.

Still phoning every week (still nee staff taking on case) but bulb have sent us a letter saying they have been contacting us for 5 weeks and we haven’t responded when we literally called a few days ago. We re receiving letters that our details are being sent to debt collectors and our credit will be effected. Majorly unfair as we have been trying to resolve the issue since NOVEMBER!! We moved into this flat to save for a house a so far bulb has ruined it all for us within the space of a year…

Been told different excuses to why our bill is so high and we are waiting for around 6 manager call backs and about 20 staff call backs, 20+ emails to be replied to and I have emailed the complaints email (no reply as per). Would never use bulb again they don’t care for their customers and they are causing so much stress to us. They only contact when they want money!!!

Please speak for yourself or you offend, maybe unintentionally. Very happy Bulb customer. P.S. post your meter readings to justify your criticism and get a professional electrician to check No neighbours are wired into your flat.

I have sent readings and we have had a smart meter put in. There is others like me in this situation but aren’t getting any help. Sorry if I offended but I’m sure you can understand my annoyance as this has been going on since last November. I haven’t done anything wrong, bulb randomly sent the large bill for one month. I posted here to see if I could get any responses and for evidence to my case as I have contacted in every way.

Hello @Alyx1997 Thanks for your post.

We are sorry you have had issues with your billing, we have not been able to locate the account with your email from community. We will send you an email for more details so we can help with this.

– Carl