Over charged or wrong calculation


The tariff for the area i am living in is 13.0095 kwh and my average usage of electricity is 560kw per month and i should be charfed about £73 a month but i am being charged 98 per month.

I would like to know how is this rates an charges calculated and why am i over charged and please correct me if i am the one making the mistake here.

Many Thanks,

Hi @Londoner

Have you included the standing charge and VAT?

On your Bulb statement it should include a breakdown of how your bill is calculated, for me it’s on the 3rd page called ‘Your electricity use in detail’.

Hope that helps,

Hello Amy,

Yes my calculation was right and I’ve spoken to an agent at Bulb and they said their estimate was wrong but they are charging for what I use anyway, so If I give them monthly metre reading update they won’t charge me extra.

The problem is I wanted a correct estimate so I don’t have to send over metre reading every month as my electric metre is in my neighbour’s hallway and it’s an awkward situation every time I go to read the metre. Also the area I live in is not eligible of receiving smart metres at the moment.

I guess I just have to read the metre every month.

Metre is a 100 cm. I think you mean Meter?

And I think you missing the point mate. Thanks for the comments anyway.