Over charging when in credit

I’m looking forward to Bulb increasing my DD payments again next month. It has been at least a month since the last hike in DD payment. Come on Bulb - only a few days before your latest tariff increase…

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I find it disturbing, and thats why we left, yet they are delaying paying the full amount we are in credit and want to take another full payment on the 30th.

Not happy lobby you MP to get the energy markets reviewed along with price hikes whilst in credit, refunds of credit, and more efficient refunds when leaving a providers.

doubt much will change but you have to try

Hi @theykeepoversharging, I can see that you have a complaint open with my colleague, so I’ve given them a nudge to get back to you on this :+1:

Hi @MadWayne, I can see that your account is in the process of closing, so no further payments are scheduled to be taken. It can take up to 6 weeks for a final statement to be generated after a switch of supplier, after which time, we’ll raise a refund on any credit left in the account straightaway :relaxed:

You have readings you can generate a statement in minutes?

So why 6 weeks for a closure Lou

Hi @MadWayne, we have to wait for your opening readings to be sent through to us from your new supplier, so that we can ensure that these match. That way, you won’t be charged for any one unit of energy twice.

These changeover readings are checked by independent third-parties, which is why this can take a few weeks. This six-week wait time is an industry-standard, no matter which supplier you’re changing from or to.

We have a couple of help articles that explain this a little more, that might be worth taking a look at:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Lou :stars:

I can send you screen shots of the account and if you tell me who outfoxthemarket have contact i will chase them accordingly.

Personally think it’s rubbish as they should be submitted to you during the closure and you have closed my account so think i am being hood winked

I will chase my MP my new supplier, i will send screen shots of my new account so you have fewer excuses to make.

Hi @MadWayne,

There’s no need to send us screenshots, as long as you’ve given your first meter readings to your new supplier, they’ll send these to us and we’ll use them for your final bill.

As Lou said, the reason why these are given to your new supplier to send to us is to make sure the readings match and you’re not over or under charged by either company. Once the final readings have reached us, we’ll send you your final statement, outlining any charges owed, or due to yourself.

If you have any other questions about this process, please do let us know.

Freya :bulb:

There’s a decent article by “Which” at: How To Switch Energy Supplier - Which? which refers the six week period.

Personally I don’t think you realise there are processes involved between the losing and gaining suppliers to make sure both are using the same meter readings to prevent double charging taking place. I’ve moved suppliers several times and found absolutley no issues with the arrangements and used a little patience for the process to run through its stages.

I know this no refund given when we were in credit when requested and made excuses and same again now we have left.

I am for what is right 6 weeks to with hold money isnt right and it can be done faster isnt the first time I have switched.

I will chase my new supplier to get it confirmed because legal it maybe right it certainly isnt

This statement that “no further payments will be taken” is not true. I switched - my account that has always been in credit and DDebit was still deducted from my Bank account. So Wayne I suggest that you do what I did - contact your Bank and close out the DDebit

Hey @Vanessa_F

Payments are scheduled at different times for different accounts, this means that if someone switches on say the 1st of the month (so 21 days later they will be with a new supplier) they may have a payment scheduled between that time so this could be taken. Other members may have had a payment taken on the 1st already so no payment will be taken again- as the meters switch before the next ‘1st of the month’. It does vary!

– H :bulb:

Perhaps you ought to confer with your colleague Lou because what he is saying is that when an account is in the process of closing, NO Further Payments are scheduled to be taken. One of you is incorrect.

But as Bulb do not operate to the scenario of “No further payments are scheduled to be taken” this then leaves the DDebit system open for multiple payments to be taken from a customer’s bank account prior to the final bill being generated. Given that Bulb do not email customers to advise “A direct debit of £xxx is due to be taken from your account on Date” you are therefore processing data outside of GDPR.
In my case, my switch took place before my Direct Debit was due - Bulb still incorrectly took money from my Bank and my account was also in credit.
Kind of begs the question - Why do Bulb think that they are not required to follow the Financial Requirements set out for processing of Direct Debits as regulated by the banking industry?

Hi @Vanessa_F

What I believe @Lou_at_Bulb was saying was on the account for the person he was speaking about there was no payment scheduled to be taken. As I mentioned before, difference in scheduling of payments on accounts is the key there.

We wouldn’t take multiple payments, the payments we’d take would be a monthly direct debit or the final bill amount. We do write on the front of the final bill and when we send it by email that the payment will be taken within 14 days so we do notify of the final payment being taken as well :relaxed:

On your account it seems the gas meter is still active as we haven’t received the final reads and switch data from the new supplier to close that, which would be why a direct debit was taken as it seemed to us we were still the supplier. It can take up to 6 weeks to receive all the data from your new supplier when you’ll receive a final bill from us as well

If this statement were true the world would be a wonderful place. My emails from Bulb have never included a statement within the body of the email that indicates that a payment will be debited from my bank account or a time frame in which it will happen. No such information exists on my account statements either

In fact the last time I received an email informing me that money would be debited was 05/04/2020. After that your company stopped sending email notifications of this sort.

Bulb do not display on their website any information as to who processes their Direct Debits and do not notify customers of payments that will be taken. This is in direct contravention of their Financial obligations with regards processing of direct debit payments and also with regards data processing under GDPR

Hey @Vanessa_F,

I’ve replied to you on another thread, and sent you an email too, so please get back to me there and I can help you get this sorted!


Currently £112.99 in credit. Bulb App recommends £112.08. Adjusted to minimum of £100.87.
Would have preferred £100 as the bill is split between 2 payers.

Ideally I would have preferred more control and kept it at £70.00 as I don’t expect to have the heating on in April (I am aware of the price increase)

I want to aim for being around £50 in credit every month, that way when Ofgem eventually switches me to new supplier. I won’t get angry when the credit doesn’t go to my new supplier (since I got this free from refer a friend).

Although Ofgem has stated on radio adverts not to worry when being passed to new Supplier as any Credit will be transferred over this doesn’t work in practice. Some people had over £300 in credit and it was not transferred over when switched.

There is an article on Sky News about it. As I can’t post a link, type in the following into Google Search engine:
Sky News £200m in credit missing

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The missing £200m refers to the fact that the bust energy suppliers didn’t have the physical cash ring-fenced for customer credit balances. However those credit balances should be made good by the new supplier.

There should be no instances of people losing out, but always an idea to periodically screenshot your balance in these situations just in case. Everybody else is having to pay for these lost balances, so credits are being funded.

Thank you norman7115 for your reply.

Still would like Bulb to allow greater control on your account though. Like I said, would only want at most to be around £50 in credit.

If you type into Google “Energy companies playing fast and loose” another Sky News article.

You get Martin Lewis (from Money Saving Expert) telling the Commons Comittee that the behaviour was a breach of energy company rules and was happening across the board.

I’ve been with Bulb since 2019 and had always previously been able to keep it round the £50 mark.

You can arrange with Bulb to pay the actual amount of your bill every month, therefore doing away with estimated payments.