Over charging

I Have complainted in March 2018 ,about the issue ,on 2nd February this year I was away with my wife for 40 days holidays no one home at all and bulb charged me as per normal direct debit , I made so many calls but no one sort out that but the worst thing right now me & my wife we work full time and there is no one home it’s just me and her but this moth I have been charged £141 for usage , sorry but it doesn’t make any sense last month paid £65 and suddenly jumped up to £141 even price has been up but this is more than doubled , before in February like I told you or right even now ?
Can anyone explin me what’s happening and how this could be sort out otherwise I don’t want any more services from bulb really fed up , I have made so many calls if you plz check ur record but told same stories like according to your system I have used energy but can u imagine when no one is home for 40 days and charged normal payments it doesn’t make any sense for anyone
Looking forward
Because I can’t pay amount for I haven’t used anything

Prefer if some one call me up or want me to make a call no problem at all but need to sort this out ASAP

Speaking purely as another customer:

Just because there is no one home for a month does not mean that your standard monthly payment will change or stop.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the monthly direct debit is “the bill”. They are almost entirely unrelated. The monthly payment is simply a credit to your account, like paying in some money at the bank. Your usage is billed based on your meter readings, and this will be shown on the PDF bill you receive each month. If you usage is lower than usual, then you’ll be slowly building up a large credit on your account. You can ask for this to be refunded, or you can manually reduce your direct debit down to a low level for a few months to allow some credit to be used up

Stop panicking. You’re making a big issue out of absolutely nothing. Just keep submitting your meter readings and you’ll be billed correctly. You aren’t being ripped off or paying for energy that you haven’t used. Perhaps take some time to read this article about how your payments work and all will become clear:

When you were away for 40 days I assume you did not submit readings, in that instance Bulb would use estimates based on historical usage. To add to that there has been price increases and we are heading in to the colder months. To take account of this Bulb have sent out emails that DDs will be increasing. If you keep control of your usage V dd with 1 months advance payment then Bulb will allow you to adjust your dd to match your usage. If you have built up a lot of credit Bulb will fire some back to your bank account.

Give Bulb a phone and discuss, I am sure you will find them very cooperative.

Would have to agree, contact bulb and discuss with them.

you have not really provided much information in your question, for anyone to be able to speculate why. There is still daily standing charges applied, which is not subject to energy usage. Your home still uses energy while your not in the home, and depending on your particular circumstances you could have had appliances on which should have been turned off, if your a gas customer, did you switch your heating off? Depending on your circumstances your heating may have turned on while your away for many reasons, one would be frost protection, and the other could be you forget to turn your heating off.

When was the last time you submitted an actual meter reading to bulb? How often you you submit meter readings? If you do not submit regular monthly meter readings, bulb is going to use estimations which typically is always to turn out to be more expensive than your actual usage.

the other factor could be you have increased your usage of energy, and the price increase will also be a factor.

When I have joined bulb I have been told there is no fixed tariff and would be charged for what I will use now that’s a different story someone is telling me so u should clearly mentioned to all customers about this , and incase I was Away for 40 days then how can insend u readings ?and if u charged me for monthly setup £45 which was excess amount for month so u have to send me. Sik amount or adjust that amount showing in my payments history which I often checked ,my question is kindly why u are asking me to tell u when last time I submitted meter readings we are not living in Stone Age , everything should be systematic and u have to fetch records from ur system rather than asking customers does it make sense ??

I am sick of telling it’s now 7 months and nobody resolve this issue ,am I right ,
but the question is when I was away at the end of February and came back in the first week of April 2018 how u can send me bill with my meter reading which is not Been used I talked with some of ur colleagues n asked for help but there was same remedy like other companies ( I have been charged for what I have used ) does it makes any sense ? What information u want me to provide else i have already mentioned in previous message

You are only being charged for what you used. You dd is a different ball game and is based on your actual readings plus estimates when required ot historical information for that property.
If you do not submit readings then of course it will be systematic they will use estimates based on historical information from their system.
If you believe you are being overcharged for what you use then go to the help / Q&A and you will find answers on how to deal with this.


Can you pleas explain how Bulb are meant to read your meter unless it is a compatible smart meter. Non smart meters are just dumb and don’t communicate with any system.

Each month Bulb send out an email advising customers the amount coming out of their bank account by DD. In the email it asks you to submit meter readings for accurate an accurate bill. If you don’t submit a meter reading then your bill will be based on estimated readings, however as soon as you submit a reading the next bill will then correct itself and show you either in debit or credit.

This is what would or should have happened regarding your bill for February 2018. if you submitted a meter reading after February 2018 a later bill would have corrected any under or over payment for February.

When did you last submit a meter reading to Bulb?