Over estimated charge by £391 : Have Cancelled Direct Debit : Disgraceful!

All was going well when all of a sudden Bulb claimed I should be paying more, this went from about £25 - £70. Not sure where this huge hike came from but on taking a meter reading a few months later it was realised they had overcharged by £391. This has not been refunded, it just sits on the Bulb account. No confidence and a total scandal as far as we are concerned, have canceled DD immediately and will find another supplier with U Switch or Compare. Be warned, they cannot be trusted!

I would also advise Bulb by email that you have cancelled your DD and the reason for doing so this puts you into a strong position if they try to impose any pently charge due to them not being able to collect your DD payments.

Have you asked Bulb to refund it? They won’t do so automatically.

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I can see that your usage was being over estimated which is why when we got a meter read your bill reduced. It is really important to upload regular meter reads so we can bill you accurately.

I can see that you have opened a complaint about this with us already.

We can do a partial refund of your credit, please do reply to the open complaint you have to request this.

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