Over payment on my account/ can't get a refund

Been emailing bulb all week to get the £200 over payment on my account sent back to me.
Chris Hemple

It’s easier to ring them up!!! They are VERY POOR at replying to e-mails. I got a reply to one of my e-mails AFTER 3 WEEKS!!

Hi Chris, I don`t know how much you are paying through your monthly direct debit but you should leave those £200 for the cold months when your usage will be much more than your direct debits :slightly_smiling_face:

I`m paying £50 a month and have £170 in credit so Bulb will be able to take the extra from it to cover my future winter bills…

If they cannot answer emails then they are not a very professional company…

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TBH honest the bulb online account settings are that easy to change how much you pay, and they keep you updated of recommended payments on the app.

Also, with the current number of providers going bust, I keep my credit to a minimum, as I don’t want to take any risks of losing money.

I agree, I normally allow a build up of credit for the colder months but now will just top up as required.

2 years ago the service was A1 but now it appears to have gone downhill, there maybe valid reasons for it but their lack of communication makes me suspicious.

I am not moving yet but I am keeping an eye on competitor prices.

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Agree, I’m monitoring credit carefully.