Overcharged? and smart meter still not working correctly

I have received my bill for this month and I have been charged over £500 this month. I have used around 95 units of electricity and about 20 units of gas. That’s is not over £500 worth of energy no matter how you calculate it. I have just recently had my smart meter replaced after 2 years of complaints that it wasn’t working correctly. Anytime I contacted bulb they would say it was just needing reset on their end. It is still not working correctly as I cannot view my gas reading on my IHD and my app. Can someone please look into why I have been charged so much for this month? To say I’ve not had a good experience with bulb is an understatement.

Does your statement show actual meter readings, or estimated values? How much usage does it show (and how does that compare with your stated 95/20)?

Hi Steve,

It shows actual readings. As I said the smart meter was replaced ( 11th April) so it started off at 0. The previous meter reading was on 28th March (6250). Then for some reason there’s a bulb estimate on 1st April (4539) Then the smart meter was installed and the engineer sent a reading 11th April (6327) before it was zeroed. Statement was generated on 13th April and paid. So from 13th April- 15th May I have been charged over £500. Looking at the bill I’ve been charged me for the difference between the 1st and 11th readings, so the 1788 units of electricity that has appeared from somewhere.

So old meter was removed with a final [engineer] read of 6327 on 11/4, and a new meter with an opening read of 0 (definitely 0? new meters don’t necessarily start there) installed.

Does your April statement show two meter serial numbers? Does the new May one? (one of them should; ideally April) Which meter has that 4539 estimate from Bulb?

It sounds like the meter changeover has probably confused Bulb’s systems, and you’ll need to get through to someone at Bulb (during weekday working hours) to get it untangled.

The statement shows 2 serial numbers and the weird estimate value is from the old meter. The new meter definitely started at 0 and 95 is about right for my usage when compared to previous readings. Hopefully it is just a gremlin in the system and it gets sorted. I’ve sent an email as there’s no chance I’ll get a hold of them in chat or the phone during the week.

Thanks for your help Steve.

Hi @Weir :wave:

It looks like the billing has been corrected to reflect your actual usage. The corrected bill should have been emailed to you on 16th May.

Let me know if you have any other questions :point_down:


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