Overcharged by £200 on prepay?

I have a prepay meter and joined bulb in September. I’m now switching; partly due to the lack of clear, downloadable statements but also because the charge to get a credit meter is ridiculous.

Now Bulb have sent me statements for Sept-March which show I over payed by £200 overall. I’ve been topping up over £130 a month as my meter shows my money is finished but Bulb is now telling me I am overpaying. Please can someone explain? Why has it taken me leaving Bulb for this to come to light? What’s the point of being on prepay if you cant bill me correctly?

Hey @Mo.mon.E :relaxed:

At the moment our prepay statements can sometimes be inaccurate for a couple of reasons, mainly being that we don’t receive regular meter readings or have access to regular top up meters so we don’t actually know what credit you may have. It’s currently a bit of guess work so I do apologise if this has caused confusion.

For a prepayment meter, you top up £X and then use that for your energy. Anything you put on the meter buys the equivalent of £X in kWh, so you won’t have overpaid in a sense of us owing credit back. This is because its used as you topped up.

The final statement we have sent, as I mentioned above, uses estimated reads and data based off previous consumption and don’t necessarily line up with what you use. The reality is the meter is the most correct thing. If you have no credit left, this is because it will have been used up in energy use by yourself at your property. There won’t be an excess credit hiding somewhere, as all money is added to the meter and used as you go.

Hope this helps explain- I will relay this feedback to our billing team however as I can understand the confusion it will have caused.

–H :sun_behind_small_cloud: