Overcharged/Not updating Customer Readings

I have two problems here, the main one being bulb charged me a random huge bill for £517.31 for 3 months in summer last year even though i had been paying for those months via direct debit anyway, its a two bedroom flat and roughly each month i was already paying £42 a month, i have phoned bulb twice and both times they told me they would get rid of this for me which both times they have failed to do so.

Another problem every single time i update my readings the energy will be updated (Usually because its higher than estimated) but my Gas wont (Probably because its less than estimated) each time i upload a photo along with the readings along with the serial numbers and nothing is done, even three weeks ago i was on the phone and directly emailed the photos to a bulb employee and again absolutely nothing has changed.

Where exactly am i meant to go from here? Each time i call them they give me the exact same line.

As a short term measure reduce your direct debit payments to the minimum of £5.

Done this now, seriously whats up with this company though? Is it incompetence?

IVe literally updated my readings every single month, and without fail they never update them if they are lower than estimated.

Next step I’m going to post on there twitter and facebook pages to warn people from joining them.

Think your to late a lot of other people have probably done so, although it wouldn’t do any harm to add your voice, probably fall on deaf ears but.

Ive noticed quite a few people are getting fed up, id honestly just like this sorted so i can change energy provider lol.

I know if i switched now bulb would be chasing me for that mental made up £517 bill.

Actually no because if you switched you would be giving final meter readings to BULB and your bill would be based on them, if they dispute the final readings you can get your new provider to open a case on your behalf

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Gonna switch now then, cba with the lack of customer support :slight_smile:

Generally the meter readings are given to the new supplier who in turn will provide them to Bulb as the final and closing reading.

Forgive me for not getting this word perfect but you knew what I meant and I did get there in the end, albeit in a roundabout sort of way

This sounds like you might be submitting your readings too late if you’re expecting estimated readings to be updated. Once a statement is produced, it is rarely revised. If the readings for a month have already been estimated and the statement produced, then no they will never be updated regardless of whether the readings you give are lower or higher.

You need to provide your readings 1-2 days before your statement date, so that your statement can then be produced based on those readings. Does that correlate with when you’ve supplied readings? If not then that is the problem. Could well be something else but this is most likely what’s going on I think.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, in for a penny in for a £, changing suppliers is only going to delay the inevitable, submitting readings to early or to late will still come to the same conclusion. Computers are only machines they are not infallible(unlike us humans like to think we are) they operate on the GIGO principal, or to be more precise garbage in even more garbage out

Ive updated the readings at varying times throughout the month, even directly emailed a bulb employee as i was talking to them on the phone for him to update them for me.

The only times it ever changes are whe my readings are higher than the estimates, whenever my readings are lower they are never updated, it seems to be whenever its lower that they expect and it needs a photo (Which i also send with the reading)

The readings MUST be given 1-2 days before the statement is produced. That is the only way to get a statement that doesn’t use estimates. You’re giving your readings at the wrong time. The readings you’ve given at other times should still appear on the statement, but the closing reading will always be estimated unless a reading is given close to the statement date.

Assuming you haven’t already started switching, I’d give that a try for your next statement and see what happens.

Thats when i do it, i literally gave them my electric and gas yesterday and only the electric was updated, probably because the gas is lower than they expected.

It’s been like this for months, I was even on the phone to one of the employees from bulb who asked me to DIRECTLY email him photos of my gas metre so he could update it which was never done again.

Ok. I don’t mean to be pedantic here but your usage of the word “updated” keeps tripping me up. To me “updated” means “changed from original usage”. So just to be clear for me, because I’m obviously being dumb, you’re saying that you submit both meter readings 1-2 days before your statement and then on the statement your electric reading is used on the statement, but the gas reading is not and the value is estimated? If I’ve got that right, what you mean is that your gas reading is not used, not that it’s not updated. The gas reading has been updated, but by an estimated value.

Right. So. This generally happens when your reading is rejected by the “sanity check” that is done to reduce the likelihood of you accidentally submitting a wildly out reading, say by transposing two digits. The sanity check is based on the estimated value plus or minus some threshold. If correct readings are being rejected, it’s usually because the expected annual usage is way out causing false alarms on the sanity check.

@William_at_Bulb @JamesW_at_Bulb Could you check the expected usage for this customer?