Overcharged on gas

I have suspected that my gas is more expensive than other suppliers for a while but I have put £20 on my gas card in the past 7 days and I am out… WITHOUT ANY EMERGENCY gas. I know how to activate EG but it has stopped working since last week. It says EMERGENCY USED. I think I’ll just switch to a different supplier as I have probably been overcharged the past months but not noticed it.

Switching to a different supplier may well find you cheaper gas but it would not solve your immediate problem as it would take 17-21 to switch…
as for your EC not working one wonders if you have been using it quite a bit therefore it is constantly deducting this amount before restoring your gas supply. Therefore you are topping up more frequently, also standing charges DO NOT come off EC they come off in a lump sum when you top-up

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Assuming you have gas central heating, spending £20 in 7 days is absolutely nothing. My gas bill is often getting on for £100 per month in the winter and that’s with the heating on only very briefly because the house is empty all day.

Are you sure you’re not underestimating how much you’re using?

If I understand correctly, you should still be able to take an actual meter reading from your prepayment meter. This would mean that it’s possible to log your actual usage and it’s then trivial to work out what the actual cost would be and see if that matches roughly what you’re topping up. As @skippy64 says there could well be other issues, like gradually paying off a debt meaning that your topups are partially going to that before actually giving you any energy.

Further investigation required I think. It’s not as simple as just switching supplier.

Have you got a massive house? £100 seems a lot.

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I am a new tenant without debt and what is the point of pay as you go if the usage isn’t accurate. I have a flat and I’m hardly home so £20 gas over 7 days is too much, especially as I was quoted £16 per week for both electricity and gas combined. It does deduct money every time I top up as if I had exceeded usage plus emergency.

To suggest that £80 per month is reasonable for gas is pretty bonkers. I have a 2 bed flat and I’m hardly home so this is another example how this forum is unhelpful. I wish Bulb could employ a service team instead!

He must have a draughty mansion on a windy hill for that gas bill.

Unfortunately not. Just one with large windows and poor insulation.

You’re right. My last bills were £80 and £74 per month. I did say “getting on for £100 per month” but it’s a bit lower than I remembered.

Either way, £80 is £20 per week for similar use where the property is empty weekdays.

My friend with a similar size brand new property with modern insulation pays half what I do. I need to move house. But my point is that £20 per week isn’t entirely unexpected.

For contrast, my gas bill is typically less than £20 per month in the summer.

They do. You just have to contact them via the actual service channels rather than this customer discussion forum for discussion amongst customers.

I’m sure you already know this, but just in case remember that figure is:

a) only realistic if you refined your Bulb quote by entering you expected usage over 12 months and didn’t just rely on their guess via property size and type.

b) an average over 52 weeks, i.e., £832 per year, but doesn’t take into account gas usage is typically higher in the winter and lower in the summer. Just because you’re using a lot of gas now in the winter and spending more than £16 per week doesn’t mean that the average of £16 per week isn’t likely still correct over the full 12 months.

From your statement “what is the point of pay as you go if the usage isn’t accurate” I get the impression that you’re expecting to pay £16 per week every week, and not more in the winter and less in the summer averaging to £16 per week. Apologies if that’s not the case.

You don’t use electricity? As a former P/P customer i would say £80 PM is quite reasonable for a combined total
It should also be remembered that this is only a “quote” not a guarantee, based on figures that you have provided
As for this forum being helpful you only get back what you put in.
I am led to believe that bulb do have customer service team(although this is debatable) which at the moment is somewhat less helpful than this forum

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Ok fair enough. Not that bad really.

Mine’s a 1930 3 bed, with lots of glass and hit £40 on a very cold month. BUT:

I’ve spend a lot on windows, wrapped all the pipes, put in floor insulation, installed EvoHome, run the boiler cool etc. Proper Eco Nerd, but I’ll get my money/time back by 2150…

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I’m a bit of an eco nerd too and would have done all that, but I didn’t plan on staying in the property that long so decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m now been here over 10 years so that didn’t plan out. Now, I’m not doing renovations because I still don’t think I’ll be staying here that much longer …

One things for sure, I should have totally covered the roof in solar panels as soon as I bought the property. What a mistake that was.

one wonders if you may have forgotten to take standing charges into account as these are £0.30 per day per fuel

I’m certainly not paying 30p! Pay less less than half that for both. (24p)

That is the going rate for bulb, it varies from supplier to supplier

Utilita don’t have S/C per se’ they charge an eye watering elec 31.7 for the 1st 2kwh and17.42 thereafter gas 21.3 then 3.56 on the upside their "smart meters work

I have 4 bed detached (1980s) during the day I use elec fire in small study (when required), gas heating for house comes on around 6.00pm and off at 11.00pm, Rads off in 2 rooms.
Below are my bills.

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