Overcharged & ripped off!

Hello Bulb! Thieves!!
Seeing as you’ve not replied to my email and I have discovered you are in fact going into administration, I thought I’d try on here to see if this will get a response from you!

I have cancelled my direct debit with you and I have taken legal advice on my next steps!

I am shocked to see all the comments on here and how many people you have ripped off! Why on earth would anyone need to have hundreds of pounds tied up in your company because you ‘think’ we might use alot over winter?? Most of us can’t afford that and after the last couple of years most people’s situations are much worse!
Your actions of late are vile and after taking a closer look at all my bills with you I can see a trend of money being built up in my account then all of a sudden a larger bill comes through to wipe the credit then you increase the direct debit!! I will be pointing this out to my legal team!
To remind you, here is a copy of my complaint sent to you, which you acknowledged on the 4th October …
I am writing to complain & to express my absolute disgust that you have changed my monthly payments to an extortionate figure without my specific consent!
I cannot pay this amount monthly & I do not have this money in my bank to pay it!

I am on a low income due to not being able to work, I am disabled & am in the support group of ESA.

I do not agree with the amount of energy you say I have used as it does not reflect my true actual usage.
Nothing has changed here, no extra electronic equipment & the only thing run on gas is my hot water & heating. I’ve not used any extra & have only just put the heating on for half a day last week which is the first time in months. So I do not understand how you say I’ve used over double of what I normally use over the last month?
It makes no sense!

My July & August bills were £70 odd but my September bill is £162.71 so how can that be right when my usage has not changed??

My normal monthly payments are £95 a month which I feel is plenty enough to cover most if not all of my energy bills! There is only myself & my son living here!
So how can you justify asking me to pay over double that, just to keep money in your company to cover what you ‘think’ I might use over winter?
I cannot afford this!

If I do use any more than I pay for then I will make a separate payment to cover the bill … as long as I am satisfied that I am not being ripped off by you … right now I feel I am & I shall be looking into this further!

I have just updated my meter readings on my account.
For your convenience the Meter readings as of today, 4th October are:
Gas - 04528
Electric - 13036

As I can see from my account, you have already requested the £190.03 from my bank on the 29th September which I have not agreed to and I do not have the funds in my bank to pay this!!
My payment date is the 5th not the 29th.
Please return this payment immediately & if I get charged by my bank due to this then I will pass that onto you too!
I believe your actions are illegal so I am seeking legal advice!

** Payment now taken so I am now £100 out of pocket & used my overdraft!! **

I have been very poorly over the last month plus had to deal with a bereavement so I have not been able to get in touch until now. I do not always check emails or my account so I feel I have not been given enough notice of this massive change in payment amount.
I do not have enough income to have lots of money tied up in my bulb account so I can only pay £95 a month.

Can you please send me a detailed report of my energy usage for the last 3 months as I would like to check everything?
Can you please also point out where & how this apparent massive jump in usage occurred?
I do understand that all companies are increasing prices of energy but this is too much & I cannot afford it.

I look forward to hearing from you.
** Still no response! **

So now you have £98 in my account as ‘credit’ which you stole from my bank account! This money can now go towards what I use this month, then you can close my account, remove all my details from your systems and never contact me ever again!! You can deal with my solicitor!
You can’t just steal money from your customers and expect us all to be happy about it!
I hope you at least have the decency to pay back all the customers you have stolen from. Think about the old people, the disabled, the kids and everyone else that your actions will have affected! Absolutely shameful!
Yours angrily!!

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Cancel the Direct Debit via your Bank branch, Online banking or banking app

They (Bulb) cannot then re-establish a Direct Debit without your signature on a DD Mandate (part of the DD rules)

Then Bulb will have to send you bills which you can control by paying via the Bank/Post Office Giro slip or payment through the Online Banking payment system

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Thanks, yes I have cancelled direct debit via my bank as can’t do it via bulb account, can only increase payments!
I won’t be using direct debit to pay any future bills either, none of these big companies really care about thier customers. It just all about getting as much money out of us as they can. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer! Sad world we now live in :pensive:

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Good advice mate. I notice that Bulb don’t seem to make this option well known!

Good luck. Hope it works out.

Bulb customer services - If you can send me 6 text messages (all exactly the same) with the last one sent at 4.42am this morning, because I’ve cancelled my direct debit, then surly someone can answer this message or the email I sent you on the 4th October???
No I will not call you to set up a new direct debit untill you reply to my email and explain your actions!


Hi community, around 03.30 this morning i had an intresting email from bulb… apprently we as a family in our 3 bed house have used over 7 thousand pounds worth of gas and electric in 2 months… personally i think bulb are trying to rip us off and putting their failure onto their customers.

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Have you submitted a meter reading recently, after never submitting one for over a year? thats the only way something like that can happen other than faulty appliances.

Yes i have submitted photos of both my meters (every 2/3 months), bulb sent me another email admitting it was their error and have tryed to fob me off with £20 added to my credit which is over £300.00 at present. I have now asked bulb to recredit my bank account with my money as i feel i can no longer trust them. Also the £20 they offered me hasnt shown up in my credit either like they said it would. I can see myself moving over to another provider if this is how they do buisness.

Oh also somthing else appently my email isnt registered to my account which is very strange as its the same email i used to join bulb, also to log into my account and this community.

i cannot find any info on buld being in administration anywhere. is this true ?

It’s a persistent rumour, that (so far) has been unsubstantiated.

Bulb have previously said “We buy our energy in advance and this means we’re protected from the current wholesale costs that some smaller companies have struggled to manage.” (after several suppliers collapsed last month).

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thanks, ill stop hunting now.

Could you not also pay by using the top up functionality on the bulb web-site?

EEK Bulb have overcharged us by £6k!!! They dont answer emails send us on a merry dance - Can we join in with your court action? Im up for a fight…

And the early morning emails (03.00 onwads) have started again stating my email isn’t reconised even though they contact me on the same email. Not being rude or anything but are the helper at bulbhelp stupid?

The short answer is YES, the long answer is also YES, at best extremely incompetent, They are trying to self finance the company through their customers.
The most your DD should be going up is 12% in line with the rise in the price cap(unless your in arrears) Anything more that is helping finance the company

These idiots have done this to me.


Again no one at bulb is either not listening to my requests or you are ignoring the issue.

The smart metre was damaged many months ago by my builder. I gave you plenty of time to take out the smart metre drom my home before i started to convert my cellar. Because you didnt act in a timely manner the smart metre was damaged by my builder. As a result of this all the work in my house had to come to a holt because poisonous fumes came streaming out of the smart metre.

Again i have given you all this information before. I cannot give you a reading on the mtre as it doesnt work anymore. If you would of come out at that time and removed the damaged smart metre this issue would of been resolved.

I have emailed you and i have talkes to your office regarding this issue.

I have no faith in your company anymore and im going to have to switch providers but i will be making a formal complaint to the omsbudsman. I will compile all my records phone calls and emails togther to prove how inadquate you have been and to the terrible service i have recived by you.

For the last time come and take the smart metre out and fix this issue. This is your last chance to do the right thing.

Also yoi slammed me with an estimated bill for over £500 nearly 9 months ago. This bill was totally unacceptable as we hadnt used anywhere near that amount of energy so i am again putti g the outstanding balance into dispute. Again if you would of acted correctly before o started to get works done in my cellar none of this would of happened.

All you need to do is re calculte my bill after you take the damaged smart metre out of my house.

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Same here! They sent an email saying they were increasing our DD from £107.50 to £136.64. They had used our usage between Aug 20th and Sept 30th (£110) and called that a month to justify it… Have had the same standard response that it’s to “stop us going into debit in winter”. We’re £157 in credit and already paying more than we use, before the ~£30 hike!

I also note that on the website, we now can’t change our payments to less than their dictated amount?

In the interests of balance, perhaps I can say that I have been with Bulb for about 4 years, and through all that time they have got all my bills correct, charged at a fair rate, installed smart meters a year or so ago without any problems, and got the subsequent meter readings correct. The are currently slightly over-estimating the monthly payments, based on todays prices, but depending on what they know about their hedged gas purchases for the rest of the winter their algorithm might be about right. No complaints from me. I hope they survive the price volatility.

Perhaps I have tempted fate, and it is now all about to go wrong…

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