after moving to bulb as I was told it was cheaper I was then charged over £40 for one weeks electric in a one bedroom flat (I was previously paying £15 a week with eon … upon calling bulb I was told this is normal and I must be using more electric but after looking on facebook this has happened to multiple people WHY?

Some units would be helpful.

Have you submitted meter readings to ensure you are getting accurate statements?

Also, is this just what you’re paying to Bulb by direct debit, or what’s coming out of your Bulb account to pay for your energy?

When you first sign up, especially in the winter, it’s common for the direct debits to be a bit on the high side. After a few months of usage you’ll be getting accurate figures and it’ll all cancel out.

If you can’t afford to be paying a bit more than you know you’re using for a few months before you get accurate usage figures in your account, you can go and reduce your direct debit on your Bulb Account page.
Do be aware that if you drop this too much and don’t keep a close eye on it, your account could go into debit.


Very difficult to offer any advice without any examples of what’s increased. Are we talking the actual bill or the direct debit payments? Are your bills based on accurate meter readings? How does your usage based on meter readings compare to your historic usage?

Hi @cally123

As you have a prepayment meter, you pay for your energy as you use it.

For prepayment, our standing charge is 30.42p per day and as you have a two rate meter your day and night rates are 15.49 p/kWh (day) and 7.41p/kWh.

Do you use most of your energy during the off-peak hours? These are between 00:30 - 07:30 for your meter.

You did switch to us in September. In the winter months, we tend to use a lot more energy than during the summer. It’s common to have higher bills during the winter.